The Most Advanced Hunting and Shooting Simulator on the Market!

Truly Interactive Simulation

SimHunt™ features realistic hunting scenarios including moose, deer, wild boar, pheasant, mallard and grouse.

You will find great modules developed for educational and training purposes that go beyond anything you have seen before! The system is also equally entertaining with something for every shooting enthusiast. There is target shooting, clay pigeons (skeet, trap, etc.) I.P.S.C as well as many other games. In total, SimHunt™ comes with over 40 different scenarios with endless variety.


Turn-key Setup or Add It To Your System

SimHunt™ is a perfect fit for all shooting enthusiasts. We offer this system as either standalone setup or as an add-on to your existing simulator or home theater. Take you recreation time to the next level! This shooting simulator is perfect for residential home theaters, sport simulators and golf simulators.

Great for Commercial Market as well!

Have a golf or sports simulator and looking for more? Offer your customers a variety of shooting environments to increase your customer base and off season revenue. Check out the packages below!

Great Features like Post Shot Analysis and Barrel Tracking

SimHunt Pro™ includes:

  • Software with over 40 Hunting and Shooting scenarios and modes
  • IR Tracking Cameras (Dual wavelength)
  • Tracking Module with two lasers
  • Rifle (inert hunting replica firearm)
  • Training Pistol (inert SIRT gun)
  • Hard Plastic Gun Case (holds rifle, pistol and more)
  • Camera Mount Device and USB cable connection package.

This package requires that you have a home theater with a projector and computer running Windows 7 or 8 or Windows XP with a graphics card designed for gaming  (recommend Nvidia or ATI) — or buy the complete SimHunt™ Theater system below.

SimHunt Theater™ includes:

All SimHunt™ components and software from above PLUS:

  • Laptop Computer (Simulator Optimized)
  • HD Video Projector (3000 Lumens – 1080p)
  • Ceiling Projector Mount
  • All Necessary Cables for Connectivity

Shown here with optional screen and additional firearms.


Get Ready for Endless Possibilities!

Enter a virtual world with SimHunt’s extensive software.

Dive in here to get a preview of it: